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Music Bingo Is A Fun And Exciting Take On The Classic Game Of Bingo & Combines It With Music Trivia. With Songs Replacing The Numbers On A Bingo Card, This Game Can Be Played By Many. After Receiving A Card, The Host Will Play Music, And If You Have That Song Listed On Your Card, Mark It. Listen To The Songs Played By Your Host, And Check Your Bingo Card. You've Got 40 Seconds To Mark Your Card Before The Next Song Begins Playing. 5 Rounds Of Music Bingo Can Usually Be Completed Within A 2 Hour Window. What Makes My Shows Different From Others Is I'm Also Able To Offer Music Videos On Nearby Screens As An Upgrade To Create That Nostalgic Feeling For Each Decade Of Music Bring. I Currently Offer 10 Categories Of Music Bingo Which Include:

60s Hits
70s Hits
80s Hits

90s Hits
00s Hits

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